Where I got my Mojo.

It started in high school. The fusion between my first and last name into the mellifluous and quirky nickname which has consequently stuck with me since: Mojo. (Short for Molly Joyce)

When a boy from my high school “cleverly” crafted the name one day in oceanography class, I immediately thought of Austin Powers and his “mojo” to seduce random women. But given that fact that at that point in my life, my heavy orthodontics and propensity to consume a LOT of carbs had me trapped in a 17-year dry spell,  I was confused by the Don Juan complex that I assumed came with the nickname.

Circa 2010 to present day.

So I googled it to make sure the “cool new name” was not some weird urban dictionary slur that I probably shouldn’t have been taking any pride in.

Google said:  Mojo is “a magic charm, talisman or, spell. ”

(Finally, someone got how charming I was.. but where’s the part about funny, charismatic, attractive…..)

So I thought it was a pretty catchy and cool nickname. And from there it just kinda stuck, following me through the rest of high school and college to present day.

I have recently been tying up all of the loose ends of my upcoming travel plans for my biggest adventure yet (to be elaborated in my next post). So with the buildup of these exciting prospects, I began realizing that I was at a place in my life where the magic was working, and I was becoming a person who had to power to make life become all that I ever wanted it to be. Amidst the whirlwind of change and excitement,  I caught myself saying to someone mid conversation that “I’ve found my mojo.” And then I stopped and was like, wait, I’m Mojo. (Guffaw, guffaw). But being at a place in my life where I really started to see who I was, what I was capable of achieving, and the power of my “mojo”, really made the nickname COOL.

Now that my braces days are behind me (cant say the same for the carbs), I have begun to find my footing on a path that fits my groove and my hunger for adventure (and carbs). So this blog is my soap box, where I hope to share all my travels, cathartic life lessons, and favorite adult beverages–all the things that give me my mojo.
















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