You can call me Mojo

Hi! My name is Molly Joyce–or Mojo for short–a small-town girl from Maine trying to find my way around the world, one country, published work, or dingy bar at a time.

Welcome to my archive of all things, creative, artistic, and entertaining (at least to me). This blog was initially dedicated to the erratic and adventure filled stories from my life in Europe, where I lived and worked in Germany, and has evolved into a soapbox for all things important in any pre-aged (skin, liver, pride, soul, etc) millennial’s day-to-day.

I have experience working in journalism, lifestyle & culture writing, short story creation, and copy writing/editing. My favorite creations are those where I am giving the liberty of full creative expression. I am inspired by the raw honesty of the human experience and how we all interact–this generally plays a large role in most of my original work. I also thoroughly enjoy the adventure of researching and pursuing facts and figures for a juicy story. I believe that with the right approach, any topic can be brought to life!

When I’m not writing, you can find me working in digital marketing, painting, searching for the latest && greatest in music, catching cheap flights to random new places, or perusing the wine aisle at my local grocer.

Cheers, and thanks for visiting!



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