You can call me Mojo

My name is Molly Joyce–or Mojo to the rest of yas– a small-town girl from Maine trying to find my way around the world one country (or dingy bar) at a time.

While this blog was initially dedicated to the erratic and adventure filled stories from my six-month european adventure, it also stands as a soap box for all things important in any pre-aged (skin, liver, pride, soul, etc) millennial’s day-to-day.

Having always had a passion for writing, I also hope to use this as an archive for all of my published works–journalistic, nonfiction, and otherwise.


On a personal and more introductory side note, here are 3 basics that you should know:

1)  Every piece of clothing I own has a coffee stain

2) I can speak 3 languages: Spanish, German, and Shitty Jokes

3) I will not judge you if you drink warm martinis for breakfast                                                                     (as I may or may not have, at some point in my life, done the same)


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